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Even with extremely accurate Soccer picks, it is important to take steps to obtain the highest profitability possible.  Summarized on this page are some recommendations.  Some of this advice is for Soccer betting in general and some is geared specifically towards how to best use MBS tips to maximize profit.  Incorporate the recommendations into your day to day Soccer betting to maximize your advantage.

It is best to have available a minimum of three bookmakers so that you can get the best price.  Or course, this may not always be possible, but is definitely something to strive for.  Your long term profitability will improve if you are able to shop for better prices with several bookmakers.  It is really no different than shopping for any other product on the market, a more positive outcome will be attained with more buying options available to you. 

The Asian Handicap Soccer betting market is very efficient so that any price advantage gained is important to long term profitability.  If you are able to bet on a team with a -1/4 Asian Handicap when the market is generally offering a -1/2 Asian Handicap, then over the long term your profitability will increase.  Even if just 1 time in 20, this saves a 1/2 stake, over the course of hundreds of bets the difference can be substantial.

Maximize your advantage by locking in the best price available

Look to increase the value of your bets whenever possible.  Do so by locking in the best price available that is associated with the Asian Handicap.  It was noted above how important the difference over time can be between betting into a 1/4 versus 1/2 ball Asian Handicap when possible.  To take it a step further, obtaining a return of even money (2.00) versus a return of 10 points less (1.90), can dramatically affect overall performance.  Strive to get the best return on all your bets to maximize profit.

Place your bet immediately upon receipt of our picks email.  Occasionally, you would be able to obtain a better price by waiting.  However, most of the time the price will not get any better and will often get worse.  Check all of your bookmakers prices as soon as the picks email is received and place your bet right away with the bookmaker where your advantage is greatest Priority order of advantage; Asian Handicap first and then price.

Bet every pick that is released.  This may not seem to be worth mentioning, but things are not always so simple especially for novice Soccer punters.  Events that affect this simple idea include a short bankroll and second guessing after a loss.  We do not win every pick released and do not expect to.  However, we win at a high enough rate to warrant following each and every pick released without exception.

To take the bet every Soccer pick released mentality a step further, we strongly encourage our subscribers to bet only MBS released Soccer picks.  Being tempted by other tipping services making great promises is an easy trap for anyone to fall into.  It is also easy to avoid if a member is determined from the outset to only bet MBS picks.  Ultimately, there really is no reason to bet any Soccer picks other than those released by MBS.

Bet every Soccer pick released with the correct stake to maximum profit

The profit totals attained by MBS Soccer picks are based on only a one stake bet on every pick released.  Therefore, it is obvious that making a profit does not require increasing stake sizes.  Even so, a greater profit will be realized when stakes are manipulated when associated with accuracy ratings and bankroll increases.  More information on managing your bankroll in conjunction with accuracy ratings is detailed in bankroll management.

It is important not to become overly confident and to then arbitrarily increase your stake size on the next pick.  Likewise, do not increase your bet size after the occasional loss, called chasing in the gambler's lexicon.  The importance of the above two statements cannot be overestimated.  These two actions are the biggest blunders of novice punters and will absolutely lead to losing your bankroll.  You absolutely must avoid these behaviors.

Disciplined betting is critically important to your long term success

Discipline is the key ingredient that separates winners and losers.  It makes no difference how many accurate Soccer picks are provided.  Without a disciplined and controlled strategy, the vast majority of punters will not survive.  Not only must a disciplined strategy by adopted and employed, but it must be stubbornly adhered to.  We have attempted in this section to provide at least the rudimentary tools to stay in the game.

With MBS Soccer picks, you know that winning is assured in total and over time, so there is no reason to stray from your predetermined betting strategy.  Do not let the occasional loss keep you from focusing on the ultimate goal, long term viability in an endeavor where all but the most disciplined fail.  Maintain your discipline while focusing on your long term profit goals and you will be successful.


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